Its Apple Season!

Apple season is in full swing. We have picked about half of our apples and have lots of great varieties available at the farm and at the Binford Farmers Market […]

The early peaches are ripe and picked and ready for you to grab! If you want peaches to can or freeze, I suggest waiting a couple of weeks. The peak […]

We are anxiously waiting for the peaches and sweet corn to ripen! While some markets have Indiana sweet corn, we have not found an early variety that we feel is […]

We have several varieties of apples ready now – Jonagold, Red Delicious, Golden Delicious, MacIntosh, Cortland, Spartan, Macoun, Winecrisp, Rome Beauty, Snowsweet, and Braeburn.  Only a few Gala, Honey Crisp […]

We have a limited number of peaches this summer, but we do have peaches!  The winter/spring was a little too cold for some peaches, and they didn’t bloom, and therefore […]

It’s a garage sale plus!  We have cleaned out our shed, garage and attic!  We have so much stuff and we are putting it out for sale this Saturday, Nov. […]

We have about 25 varieties of apples ready now.  One of our favorites is Cameo.  It is a new variety, that is good for cooking or eating fresh.  Slightly tart at […]