The early peaches are ripe and picked and ready for you to grab! If you want peaches to can or freeze, I suggest waiting a couple of weeks. The peak […]

We are anxiously waiting for the peaches and sweet corn to ripen! While some markets have Indiana sweet corn, we have not found an early variety that we feel is […]

We have several varieties of apples ready now – Jonagold, Red Delicious, Golden Delicious, MacIntosh, Cortland, Spartan, Macoun, Winecrisp, Rome Beauty, Snowsweet, and Braeburn.  Only a few Gala, Honey Crisp […]

We have a limited number of peaches this summer, but we do have peaches!  The winter/spring was a little too cold for some peaches, and they didn’t bloom, and therefore […]

It’s a garage sale plus!  We have cleaned out our shed, garage and attic!  We have so much stuff and we are putting it out for sale this Saturday, Nov. […]

We have about 25 varieties of apples ready now.  One of our favorites is Cameo.  It is a new variety, that is good for cooking or eating fresh.  Slightly tart at […]

We are picking apples now – and making cider, so it certainly feels like fall!  For the first time, we grew pumpkins!  We have two sizes available now – large […]