Cold temperatures and tree fruits

Yes it is cold here – down to -7 F this morning. We are keeping warm enough, but these low temperatures can be hard on our fruit crops. This article explains it very well.
In 2014 the actual temperature on Jan. 6 & 7 was between -11 and -14 for 12 hours. We had no peach blossoms and hence no peaches that year. So far we were not below -10 here at the orchard in Shelby Co., Indiana. But we are not assured of a crop of peaches yet – we could get more cold weather, and then when it starts to warm up, the peach buds start to swell and as they swell the critical temperature before you have damage gets higher. Apples are more tolerant of the cold weather, but there can be damage to them also.

The picture shows part of our orchard when we had a few inches of snow, but temperatures were not quite so cold!  Snow actually helps insulate the trees from the extreme cold and is welcomed before the frigid temperatures come.
Orchard in January, 2019