Our Indiana Peaches vs. “The Peach Truck”

I’m sure many of you have seen and heard that the Peach Truck is making its rounds in central Indiana this week. They bring Georgia peaches to you and sell them by the box. Georgia has great peaches, and of course, they are known for their peaches. However, peaches do grow in Indiana and we have several trees. We sell our peaches in small quantities, so if you don’t need a whole box, you can get just a few, for about the same price as the peaches from the peach truck. While some people insist that Georgia peaches are the best, we think ours are just as good, if not better. There is a saying that the best peaches are the ones you get the closest to the tree – so if you are in Indiana, that will be the best peach, and if you are in Georgia, that will be the best peach! The reason is the more the peach ripens on the tree the better it is. For the peaches to travel from Georgia, they have to be picked slightly green at least. Most of the time they will ripen as they travel, but they won’t have the flavor of a peach that has ripened on the tree. Since we sell our peaches from our farm and at some local area farmers markets, we can let them get a little riper on the tree. That being said, peaches are very fragile when they are totally ripe. So fragile that it is hard to pick them without bruising them, so we do pick peaches a little bit underripe – just so they don’t get bruised between the tree and the market! We also take great care when picking our peaches, only putting a couple of layers in a box, and then sorting them and putting them in trays that hold each peach away from the other peaches for travel to farmers markets. Our peaches are then packaged in “grab n go ” bags or clamshells of 4 large peaches so that they don’t get smashed easily on your way home. Another advantage of our peaches – we have many varieties of peaches – so we have peaches from early July through mid September usually. You can buy peaches when you want them – not just when the “truck” comes to town! The bad news this year is that we don’t have a bumper crop of peaches. At the present time, we are not encouraging the sale of boxes of peaches (1/2 bushel) as we just don’t have enough to meet the demand at our markets. If we find more peaches as the season progresses, we will sell boxes of peaches. Check our Facebook page for updates on when and where you can buy our peaches, and if, and when we can sell larger quantities of peaches.

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